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The trustworthy, ideal financial solution for International Students.
Open your UK Aspire Account quickly and easily online now.
A smart way to manage your finances.

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The Aspire Account

  • Secure financial peace of mind by opening your Aspire Account now, even BEFORE leaving home.
  • Simple, easy and stress-free online application process.
  • Highly competitive foreign exchange transfer charges with the built-in Aspire FX Transfer Service.
  • Quickly arrange payments directly from your Aspire Account for things like tuition, accommodation etc.
  • World Class Customer Support tailored
    to international students' needs.
  • Your Visa Debit Card will be couriered to you either at Home or in the UK*.
  • Apply now to secure an Aspire Account.

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Standard UK Bank Accounts

  • Only Open Bank Account once in the UK.
  • Application process can take several weeks
    to conclude and can be stressful.
  • Proof of UK address required to open account.
  • Foreign exchange charges can be costly.
  • Might have to wait up to a month before being able to setup necessary payments (e.g. accommodation).
  • No specialised customer support provided.
  • Arrive in the UK needing to carry cash or other means for funding your first weeks in the UK.
  • You can’t apply until you arrive in UK.

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* FedEx courier charges for card delivery to your address apply.

Aspire Account Features

UK e-Current
Online Account

  • UK Sort Code & Account No.
  • Apply for your Aspire Account wherever you are, even at home
  • Set up Standing Orders for payments e.g. Tuition Fees
  • Use the Aspire Envelopes feature to manage your finances online

Visa Contactless
Debit Card

  • Utilizes the latest contactless technology
  • Accepted in 000s of ATMs and retailers as part of the VISA Global Network
  • Cash Back Rewards on spending
  • Securely couriered by FedEx to you wherever you are*

Integrated Aspire
Foreign Exchange (FX) Service

  • Safe and secure direct transfers from over 135 different currencies
  • Transfer local currency or GBP directly into your Aspire Account
  • No hidden charges
  • Save money on your FX deals

Things to SHOUT

  • Accounts can be opened within 2 days
  • World Class Customer Service and Support
  • Free and instant Aspire-to-Aspire account transfers
  • Authenticated bank statements for Tier 4 Visa Applications

* FedEx courier charges for card delivery to your address apply.

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The UK Aspire Account is the Ideal, Trustworthy Solution for International Students’ Banking needs. You don’t have to suffer the same problems experienced by all previous international students. Now you can avoid all the stress associated with having to wait up to a month in the UK to open a high street Bank Account.

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