A UK e-current account app launching in the app store and google play soon

Designed for anyone coming to the UK to work or study, Unizest is an instant e-current account that can be opened and approved anywhere in the world via the app

Without a residential history, it is difficult to get a UK bank account, which delays starting life and work. With a Unizest e-current account, new arrivals to the UK can hit the ground running.

The Unizest app is coming SOON and includes exclusive in-app discounts on everyday spending. Would you like to be the first to know when it launches?

Our partners

We work with recruitment agencies, universities and other organisations to enable workers and students to have a smooth start to their life in the UK

Unizest offers a solution that enables candidates to open their UK e-current account even before arrival in the UK. Our solution is designed to speed up the process of starting a new job and to allow for easy and secure payment. For international students, it can make starting their course a smoother process and facilitates the payment of student fees and accommodation.

Join us now and start sharing with your workers or students our instant UK e-current account offering to enable a smoother transition to life in the UK. Agencies can enrol their candidates online via our dedicated portal.

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Coming to the UK to work or study? Open your UK e-current account even before you arrive…

3 reasons to open a Unizest account…

Only 5 steps

A quick 5-step digital application via the Unizest App with secure facial recognition ID verification

Wherever you are in the world

You will have an open & approved UK
e-current account before you arrive in the UK to work or study

Giving you the best start

A Unizest e-current account gives you a smoother start to life and work in the UK, with rewards for everyday spending

Features & benefits

  • A smart e-current account app downloadable from the App Store and Google Play
  • Rewards for everyday spending
  • A contactless Mastercard debit and PIN for secure transacting
  • An instant UK e-current account that you can open anywhere in the world
  • Up & running immediately - transfer funds in and out of your account before you arrive in the UK
  • Can be used to demonstrate proof of funds at the UK border crossing
All this for only a £4.99 monthly fee

Available exclusively within the app…

Advice on living & working in the UK
The app contains loads of advice on working and living in the UK, including what your rights are, getting a visa and working safely.
Dozens of discounts on everyday spending
Unizest helps you save money with discounts on your every day spending. There are dozens of new weekly deals and discounts available exclusively within the app.
Services to make your life easier
The app offers a range of services including a nifty ATM finder.