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Coming to the UK to study or work should be an exciting adventure. But when you can’t open a bank account, doing everyday things like getting paid, finding a flat or even shopping can be extremely difficult.

We think that’s wrong. That’s why we created Unizest.

Open your account in minutes, from anywhere in the world. Even if you’re already in the UK.

UnizestUK high street bank
Open before you arrive in the UK
Start using your account before you arrive
Quick and Easy application process
Debit Mastercard on UK arrival
Dedicated customer service
  • Quick Approval
    All you need to open your account is your passport, a valid visa and smartphone. You can use your account before you arrive in the UK, to make and receive online transfers using your IBAN number
  • Secure
    Easily freeze and block your card immediately, plus if it is lost or stolen report it and order another card
  • Safe and Simple
    View your monthly statements, plus download, or print a PDF statement straight from the app’s share function
  • Mastercard Included
    Get a contactless Debit Mastercard for all your spending needs and track and manage your money within the app.
  • Customer service
    Get telephone and email assistance from a dedicated Customer Service team on-hand to assist your smooth start

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Help settling in

We’ve teamed up with Just Good Work to bring you useful tips and advice on living and working in the UK.

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