Our story

The founders of Neofin Ventures recognised the difficulties that are felt by those coming to the UK when trying to get a bank account.

As a result, they set up Unizest, an app based UK e-current account. Created as a digital alternative to a traditional bank account and designed with the needs of workers and students new-to-the-UK in mind.

Unizest’s mission goes beyond traditional fintech solutions, as the company aims to help newcomers to the UK have a smoother start to their financial life. Unizest is owned and supported by NeoFin Ventures but has its own unique brand personality and culture, reflecting the team’s passion for what we do, and the great energy and spirit with which we do it.

“Our aim with Unizest is to ensure that all newcomers to the UK, whether that be for work or for study, are given the best start when embarking on their new life here. We want to help smooth the transition by removing one of the biggest hurdles they face – setting up basic banking services.”

Matt Oldham, co-founder of Neofin Ventures

What we do

Unizest works with a growing number of recruiters and universities to support workers and students in getting a Unizest e-current account, ready for payment of wages and the start of financial life in the UK.

“On a daily basis, we have overseas workers walking off the street into our office looking for employment. Many can’t open a traditional UK bank account but obviously need to set up a basic banking service. We can now offer Unizest’s new e-current account. It’s a win-win for recruiters, their clients and candidates,”

John Devine, manager at Response Recruitment.

After a rigorous approval process, Unizest is now an approved service partner of the Association of Labour Providers (ALP). ALP was instigated by the UK government and is a not for profit trade association that promotes responsible recruitment and shares Unizest’s values of integrity and putting people first. 

Unizest has recently partnered with Just Good Work to provide independent advice and guidance on work and life in the UK – including rights and obligations, recruitment and employment information, directly in the Unizest app.

Our commitment

We believe in using our business as a force for good and are on the path to
obtaining B Corp status, meaning we are legally required to consider the
impact of our decisions on our people, the community and the environment.

We embrace the “Triple Bottom Line” by commiting to focus as much on social and environmental concerns as we do on profit. We strive to make our communications transparent, and to provide unambiguous pricing benchmarked against competitors to ensure value for customers.

“We are truly committed to supporting the industry and intend to build on our ethical footprint step by step to help assist vulnerable workers who are new to-the-UK”

Matt Oldham, co-founder

In 2021 Unizest made it as a finalist in TechRound100, ranked 62 from over 3,000 applicants.

TechRound 100 highlights all the hard work and success that has gone into start-ups and businesses from all over the UK.

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