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Enter your name and email address


Confirm the phone number you’d like to use for this account – we accept international numbers. If you later change your phone number, don’t worry – it’s easy to change this in the app


Enter your address. We accept applications from international addresses for account opening but you will need a UK address to order your card


Use the app to scan your ID document (a passport or national ID document) and your identity will be instantly verified by our robust facial ID verification technology


If you need a Visa to be in the UK, enter your Home Office Share Code here so we can verify your immigration status. If you are applying from abroad and unable to get your share code before arriving in the UK, please get in touch

Welcome onboard!

We’re thrilled you’ve chosen Unizest as your e-current account. We use robust ID verification technology to check your identity, ensuring your account is secure and you are protected from fraud. In most cases, your account will be opened within minutes, on completion of these steps. However, we may need you to supply additional documents or information. We’ll let you know if there’s anything more we require before your account can be activated.

Whilst our aim is to make it as easy as possible to open your account, the protection of your account and money is our overriding priority.