Getting started

8 easy steps

It only takes a few minutes.


Download the app

You’ll need your passport. And if you need a visa to live or work in the UK, you’ll also need your Home Office Share Code or UK visa.


Create an account

Enter your name, email address and date of birth. Then choose a password.


Enter your mobile phone number

We’ll send you an SMS, to make sure it’s yours. You don’t need a UK mobile number, it can be an international number too.


Enter your home address

If you haven’t arrived in the UK yet, you can enter your home address in your home country. But if you already know your UK address, use that instead. You will be able to order your debit card once you have a UK address.


Select your home country and nationality

Select your home country and nationality. You can choose more than one if you have dual nationality.


Verify your identity

First, scan the photo page of your passport and wait for the green line to finish. Then face the camera, and we’ll scan your face to make sure it matches your passport.


Verify your immigration status

If you need a visa to travel to the UK, we’ll need your Home Office share code, which is easy to get from the Home Office website. Or use our visa checker to verify the visa page in your passport.


Read and accept our terms and conditions

Finally, just read and accept our terms and conditions and you’re done.