We believe coming to the UK to study or work should be
an exciting adventure.

The Unizest e-current account enables a smooth start to doing everyday things like getting paid, finding a flat or paying tuition fees internationally. To find out how you can refer your candidates to Unizest and discuss collaboration opportunities contact the team at hello@unizest.co.uk

How does it work?

Introducing the
Partner Exchange

  • Standardised marketing communications assets are available to support implementation into your marketing plans.
  • Arrange performance reporting for bespoke campaign pushes.
  • Collaborate on joint marketing and PR initiatives.
  • Dedicated upload and download centre called Partner Exchange is made available.
Why join us?

In this together

  • You can help your candidates and students have a smoother start to their financial life in the UK
  • We are an Association of Labour Providers approved service partner
  • We work with our partners to build co-branded marketing campaigns to reach target markets more effectively
  • Together with Just Good Work, we offer workers support and advice for everything needed on their work journey via our app

Some of our partners…

Our partners

Help your candidates and students with their smooth start

Together with recruitment agencies, labour providers, universities and other organisations, we aim to create the best start for candidates and students arriving in the UK, who face numerous challenges when trying to do something as simple as open a bank account.

A Unizest e-current account can be opened before arrival in the UK, speeding up the process of starting a new job or course and allowing for easy and secure payment of wages.