Management fee

It will cost you £4.99 per month for a Unizest e-current account

£4.99 per month

PIN change at ATM


It is free to change your PIN within the app

Overseas Transactions

This is what you will be charged for making purchases outside the UK

£0.10 + 2% for EU purchases.
£0.10 + 3% for International purchases

Card replacement fee

If your card is lost or stolen, we charge £10 for a replacement card


Balance enquiry

You can find your balance in app or you can ring customer
services free of charge. To find out your balance at an ATM it will cost

£0.50 at ATM

Administration Fees

If you try to make a purchase but your card is declined due to insufficient funds, you will be charged £0.10 for each of those declined transactions

£0.10 Declined Transaction Fee

You will be charged £10.00 for an unpaid direct debit

ATM fee

These are the current costs of withdrawing money from automated
cash dispensers in the UK, EU and internationally

£0.99 per transaction (UK) £1.75 + 2% per transaction (EU) £2.00 + 3% per transaction (International)

Sending and receiving money within the UK

Sending money via Faster Payments (same day)
Sending money via Direct Debit

£0.99 per payment

Free to receive money in pounds

Sending and receiving money outside the UK*

Sending money in pounds regular

£10.00 plus 0.5% of amount sent – per payment

Free to receive money in pounds

*sending money internationally is a feature that is coming soon


Account application fee

It doesn’t cost you anything to apply for a Unizest account via our app


Card load fee

It costs you nothing to transfer funds into your e-account


Card fee

Your contactless Debit Mastercard will arrive at your UK address free of charge


Loyalty scheme

You get exclusive access to offers and discounts, including on everyday shopping, food, transport and training.


Transaction fee

There is no charge for using your card to make purchases in the UK


Annual renewal fee

There are no renewal fees charged for your Unizest account



There is no fee for statements. These are available within the app


Cancellation / refund fee

If you decide to close your account, we don’t charge you for doing this


Lost / stolen helpline

There is no fee for calling our helpline about a lost or stolen card


Customer service

We do not charge you for contacting our customer services


Inactivity fee

If your account becomes inactive because you decide not to use it,
we don’t charge a penalty fee