What is Refreshers?

Refreshers occurs in the period just after the Christmas holidays, just as the second term starts.

It is a smaller version of Freshers week, and gives you the chance to get involved with any clubs, societies, or sports teams that you might be interested in.

Many students miss out on signing up at the start of the year, and many others aren’t aware of the range of extra-curricular social opportunities at university.

And this is a shame! There are a huge range of societies, sports teams, and clubs at every university, and taking part in these is an important part of university life.

Refreshers gives you the opportunity to join in while there is still plenty of time left in the year.

Where can I find Refreshers?

Refreshers is slightly less organised than Freshers week.

If you have a specific idea of what you would like to join, then it is best to get in touch directly. You can find all contact information at your university’s students union, or on the union’s website. You should also be able to connect on social media with the society you are interested in.

Most universities will also organise a Refreshers fair, so keep an eye out for any information about that. Going to the fair will enable you to talk to current members of that society, ask any questions and sign up for welcome events.

All information about Refreshers events should be available from your Students Union across their channels.

Will I be left behind if I join late?

Don’t worry about not having joined at the beginning of the year.

The first few months of university are such a busy time, that many people who did join are likely to not have fully committed. On top of that, some who did join will have left as they found it wasn’t for them or did not have to time to commit.

Because of this, societies generally settle after the Christmas period. This makes it a great time to join.

On the fence? Go for it!

Unsure about whether that team or hobby is for you? Don’t worry, Refreshers gives you a chance to try it out without fully committing.

Most societies will hold special events that will give you an idea of what they are about, what kind of things they do, and give you chance to meet the organisers, as well as other members.

These events are fun and are designed to help you ease into the society.

Is it too late to join if I am in second or third year, or if I am a mature student?

No! Societies are run by and made for all students.

Regardless of course, year, age, or anything else, societies, clubs and teams bring people together by their common interest. And because of this, they welcome everyone.

So, you can use the time before term starts again in January to do some research on what you might like to join, and what you can expect from joining that society.

Once you’ve decided, reach out! It’s never too early to register your interest. The society will give you information on how the process works, what welcome events they offer, or even what equipment, sports kit, or documents you might need to bring with you.

Don’t miss out!