Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules – October 2022

Several times a year, the UK Government update their UK immigration Rules, which relate to various immigration categories including some key work visa routes. This is published as a ‘Statement of Changes’ and details the amendments. The latest was published on 18th October 2022 and can be read here.

Here are a few of the key changes from the latest statement.

  • Following the conclusion of trade agreements made between the UK and Australia and New Zealand, there have been updates to several Global Business Mobility routes. This enables permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand to qualify under the Service Supplier route via a free trade agreement (Australia – 12 months, New Zealand – 6 months).
  • Students from British Overseas Territories, can apply for a student visa without the need to prove their fluency in English, cutting their application time.
  • Due to a peak in demand over the Christmas period for poultry workers, the Seasonal Worker Route is being expanded to employment in the poultry production sector between 18 October – 31 December annually. Applications must be made by 15 November each year. Applicants must be paid a minimum of £10.10 per hour.
  • The Ukraine extension scheme is one of three schemes set up to help those displaced by the Russian invasion, and grants three years of limited leave to remain in the UK with the right to live, work and study. Eligibility for the scheme is being extended to include individuals who are granted UK immigration permission for any period between 18 March 2022 and 16 May 2023. The end date of the scheme is now 16th November 2023.
  • Citizens of Colombia, Guyana and Peru no longer need to apply for pre-travel authorisation to visit the UK having been removed from the visa national list.
  • Foreign nationals from certain immigration categories who have been granted over six months leave, were previously required to register with the police. This has been abolished, as this no longer provides any public protection benefit to either the Home Office or the police. The Home Office already collect the data previously captured in this way at the visa application stage.
  • The global talent visa route is for leaders in academia or research, arts and culture and digital technology. For digital technology applications, applicants now need to provide letters of support from individuals with knowledge of the applicant’s work for over 12 months. For arts and culture applications, letters of support need to come from those who have worked directly with the applicant and have personal knowledge of their work and talent.

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